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General Permit Requirements


All permit applications should be made at least two (2) weeks prior to the anticipated start of the work. Please complete applications fully to ensure prompt approval. A development permit may be obtained up to one year in advance to ensure project approval for planning purposes.


Site Plan Requirements
- Legal Description (i.e. Lot, Block, & Plan or Sec-Twp.-Range), Civic address and North direction arrow.
- Location of the property or site boundaries, including dimensions of property lines and their bearing relative to north.
- Identification of adjacent streets, lanes, alleys, and other public right-of-way’s.
- Locations and dimensions of existing buildings and structures (including septic/water and underground utility structures)
- Description of any demolition that will precede any new construction
- Location, shape, and size of any proposed buildings or structures to be constructed
- Location and dimensions of existing and proposed driveways, parking areas, and walkways

Building Plan Requirements for a Dwelling 
- Foundations and footing plans with construction details (must be stamped by P. Eng. Registered in the Province of Manitoba).
- Basement plan or basement future layout with all required dimension.
- Floor plan with dimensions and layout of rooms, windows, doors (for each floor).
- Roof system plan including pre-fab truss drawings and specifications.
- Elevation drawings showing all sides; exterior finish, doors, windows, chimneys including size and elevation details.
- Details of cross sections, materials, dimensions and elevations
- Plumbing layout and details showing sewer, water and radon capture systems.
- Minimum scale for drawings 1:100

Structures unable to comply with the zoning by-law may require a variation order or a conditional use approval as part of the development permit approval process.

Development Permits are required for the erection, relocation, placement, elevation or attachment of an addition of any building over 200 square feet. This applies to farm, industrial, residential or commercial buildings. It is also required for the placement and erection or signs. To comply with the Zoning By-Law a development permit is required.

Building Permits are required for the construction, alteration or placement of any residential, commercial or industrial building over 299 square feet in floor area. To comply with the Building By-Law a building permit is required.

Demolition or Removal Permits are required for all demolition and/or removal of structures on property. Please ensure that the waiver has also been completed at the time of application.

Conditional Uses for the zone may be allowed at the discretion of the approving authority if certain conditions are met. Conditional uses require a public hearing as part of the development permit application process. 

Variation Orders may be required for changes to the setbacks, structure sizes, and site sizes from the  use and bulk charts listed in the Zoning By-Law. Variation Orders require a public hearing.

Minor Variation Orders may be approved for changes up to 15% of the original value in the use and bulk tables listed in the Zoning By-Law. Minor Variations do not require a public hearing.

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